Stasy Click,

Family Law Attorney 

Kari is not only an excellent attorney - she truly is compassionate and cares about each and every one of her clients. I know when I refer a client to her they are in excellent hands.

Stephanie Sandell, Ethics/Conflicts Lawyer

Kari is an extremely hard working and professional attorney who is an absolute pleasure to work with.  She truly cares about her clients and goes the extra mile for each and every one.  I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Brad Reinhart, Attorney

Kari is a wonderful attorney who puts 110% effort for her clients.

John Torgenson, Personal Injury Lawyer

Kari is an excellent lawyer who is exceptional in every way.  She is devoted to her clients and her reputation precedes her in the legal community here in Phoenix.

An attorney who made a real difference in a young life

We hired Ms. Granville based on a recommendation, to defend a young relative who had made a potentially life-altering mistake. Over the period of a year, Ms. Granville worked diligently managing the difficult negotiations with a number of different prosecutors to finally secure the only outcome that will allow this young Navy veteran to have a future. This process was challenging and, at times, frightening, but Ms. Granville was dogged in her efforts and ultimately made it work. She was always accessible and kept the family informed throughout the entire process. I would certainly support a recommendation of Ms. Granville to any person who needs competent, relentless, and resolute legal counsel.

From Peers


K Royal, Corporate / Privacy Lawyer

Kari and I were students together in law school, later co-workers, and now professional colleagues. I have seen her tackle business matters with a practical approach that carries years of experience outside the legal field. Her grasp of complex corporate matters, especially IP and strategy is quick and thorough. She especially impressed me with a "how-to" manual she co-wrote for entrepreneurs - simply the way she can explain complicated theories to laymen is remarkable. She handles more criminal defense cases than business or corporate, but she brings the same skillset to all.

From Clients

Paul Knost, Criminal Defense Attorney

I endorse attorney Kari Granville. I have known her for several years and I see her in the courts routinely. She is an excellent criminal defense lawyer. She knows the law and she brings a positive attitude to this line of work, which is often very difficult to do. Her clients are truly in good hands and they are very fortunate to have her.

Patient, Resourceful, Creative, Determined

Granville continues to be patient and conscientious with our non profit associations needs. As an Association, we are impersonal and have many masters. Granville is able to keep the process going with little distraction. Her experience and knowledge gives the Association board members ample justification that we are acting prudently with regards to Association business.

Thank You

Hi Kari... I got out this past Monday and wanted to thank you for everything you did for me. You did so much in my case and got me my federal back time when others said that couldn't happen. Thank you from the bottom of my heart...  My kids now live with me and are safe from their mom.  I did a plumbing course while locked up and now I'm reenrolled in my hvac school and will graduate in June.

Thanks for believing in me and being such a caring person.

Jennifer Lockerby, Administrative Law

Kari is a dedicated and knowledgeable attorney who will go the distance for her clients. Without hesitation, I endorse this lawyer.

Donald Rolfe, Estate Planning Attorney
Kari is an exceptional attorney with fantastic technical legal skills and understanding for her clients. I would never hesitate to refer potential clients to Kari.

Great lawyer

Kari handled my boyfriend's case as a public defender. Although public defenders have the reputation of doing the bare minimum for their clients, this was not the case with Kari. At the time of his arrest, I was 4 months pregnant. He was facing 2 separate cases and over 6 charges. She was able to get all of his dangerous felonies dropped to non dangerous and was able to get him off on probation. Because of her hard work and dedication, he was able to see our son being born; something I feared wasn't going to happen. Throughout the case she kept me informed and was easy to contact. She made us feel like our case was a priority and not just one of the dozens she handles everyday. I would definitely recommend her and will use her again if I should find myself in need of legal help.

Excellent Counsel!
5.0 stars

I am a criminal trial attorney in NJ and my son received a criminal charge while attending ASU. But for the excellent lawyering of Ms. Granville my son would not have received the great outcome he did. Thank you KJ and I can think of no better endorsement: Ms. Granville is the lawyer other attorneys recommend and trust to handle cases involving their loved ones.

Tanya Avila, In-House Attorney

I've worked with Ms. Granville in the past and found her to be an ultimate professional.  She is ethical, diligent and extremely effective.  I highly recommend her to anyone.

Very knowledgeable and trustworthy!!!

Ms. Granville was appointed as my son's attorney. Because this was something new to our family, we were hopeful that we would get an attorney that would be trustworthy, have good communication skills, and would be knowledgeable about the law. Ms. Granville is all this and more. She gave me information that I needed to know via email and we kept in touch with each other throughout the entire process. This process took five months. We had numerous email conversations during that time. She was very personable and down to earth. I felt that I could talk to her about things that I did not understand. She took the time to explain things to do and even emailed me backup information that I can use in the future. She didn't sugar coat anything, but gave me realistic information that I could use during the process time and in the future. I would definitely recommend Kari Granville. As I told her last week, I am very happy to have had her represent my son. Thank you!!!

Very capable and personable

Even though she was assigned as a public defender, at no time did I feel that I was treated differently than if I was a full paying client. I never had to ask her to do anything specific or in a certain way because she was already doing everything the way I wanted. Throughout the whole case, her personality helped make things less stressful. I would definitely recommend her to anyone needed an attorney.

Trustworthy and Caring Lawyers Are Hard To Come By

Ms. Granville went out of her way when she took on my sons case. She talked to him as a friend. She got through to him and understood what he needed to do to turn his life around and he has. He completed all his classes the court required him to without missing one of them. I don't think this would have ever happened without Ms. Granville's help. She stayed in contact with him through the months he was attending the classes. In the end he had a great understanding of how to keep his anger in check. Months after his case was over he went out of his way to stop by Ms. Granville's office and thank her for really caring about him and making a difference in his life. Ms. Granville really cared about my son. She went out of her way to help and represent him.